This is a natural shampoo and conditioner so it will not work like your typical store bought chemical filled shampoo. 

First, wash your hair with just water. This is going to help moisten the hair and allow any debris to come out allowing the vitamins/antioxidants in the shampoo to penetrate deeper.

Massage the shampoo directly into your scalp down to the tips of your hair. You will not notice a huge lather like with traditional shampoos. This lather comes from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which has many different names to help hide it in your products so it's best to not have it. 

Next, let it sit on your scalp for up to five minutes. This will let it penetrate the scalp and you will feel a nice cooling tingle as the natural oils work their magic. 

Rinse and repeat with the conditioner, but this time apply the conditioner from the tips of your hair to just above the scalp.

Only wash your hair every 3 to 4 days. Overwashing can strip your hair leaving it dry and brittle.