Our Revitalizing Blend combines 20 active ingredients including 5,000 mcg of biotin and a 1,275 mg proprietary formula, unlike any other on the market today. 

We start at the scalp. Irritation, build up and dryness on the scalp can causes follicles to become inflamed or shrunken. Inflamed/shrunken follicles grow thinner, weaker hair. We take care of your scalp with a healthy serving of biotin, pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate) and flax seed oil powder, which have all been suggested to promote a healthy metabolism of oils on the scalp, maintain moisture on the skin and keep the scalp appearing clear.

Next, we hit the root with a powerful mixture of natural ingredients. Organic kelp powder and saw palmetto berry powder contribute to enhancing and revitalizing hair. This encourages a clean, healthy scalp and helps maintain the existing hair, which then assists the existing growth of healthy hair. 

Finally, we added multiple natural antioxidants with other natural ingredients that work in various ways to promote beautiful, vibrant hair that feels strong, healthy and thick. 

We built this formula with no unnecessary fillers, binders or artificial colors or flavors. It is surrounded by a fast-absorbing veggie capsule.